Visit Barcelona on your laptop or smartphone through a 360◦ HD photography app

Barcelona is just one of the world’s top destinations at your fingertips in the Arounder Touch an Iphone/Ipad2 and Android app that shows you different locations and places in the world through

This city has something for everyone, Barcelona’s top 3 most visited places

Barcelona is a sight-seeing wonderland. This Mediterranean city has something for everyone. It would be impossible to list all the worthwhile things there are to see and do, but there are certain

The Grec is back! Provocative summer festival El Grec de Barcelona has it all

Known simply as ‘El Grec’ (the Greek, after its epicentre ‘Teatre Grec’) one of Barcelona’s major summer attractions the ‘El Grec Festival of Barcelona’ opens coming Sunday June, 30 with “Opus” by

Get your flamenco gear ready for the festive and colourful vibe of Feria de Abril de Catalunya

Spring in Barcelona marks the start of the 2013 edition of the Feria de Abril de Catalunya or in English the April Fair of Catalonia, Barcelona’s very own interpretation of Seville’s famous

Oriol Balaguer’s amazing Easter Egg creations: “My priority is flavour and deliciousness”

Delicious aromas, contrasting textures, creative sophistication and an amazing visual impact best describe Barcelona based pastry chef and chocolatier Oriol Balaguer’s Easter egg creations. Throughout our history, at the time of Easter,

It’s that time of the year again in Catalunya, it’s calçot season “the eating of the spring onion”

It’s that time of the year again when the charcoal grills are lit and the calçots are roasted over an open fire until the outer layer is black. It’s signifies another year

The power of the incredible and absurd in the museum of Ideas and Inventions MIBA

Ever heard of a museum of Ideas and Inventions? It does exist, not in some futuristic designed structure, but in a renovated building in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city

Graphic master A.M. Cassandre and a rare Barcelona poster

Always interesting to find something about Barcelona. Below is the exceptionally rare Spanish version of the poster A.M. Cassandre created for the Sools hat company. There are only 3 copies known of

The unique cultural universe of Avinguda del Parallel, 1894-1939

You can’t image it nowadays, but the somewhat lame Avinguda del Parallel once buzzed with excitement. With the aim to rescue the unique cultural universe that shook Barcelona’s polite society in the

The best way to go: public transport in Barcelona

Barcelona is a huge city, but the modern and very extensive public transport system gets you almost anywhere. The metro, buses and trains are all part of the same Barcelona public transport system