Graphic master A.M. Cassandre and a rare Barcelona poster

Always interesting to find something about Barcelona. Below is the exceptionally rare Spanish version of the poster A.M. Cassandre created for the Sools hat company. There are only 3 copies known of this poster. The poster is what one would call a perfect example of a “product with an image that characterizes it indelibly […] the artist has designed a three-headed figure wearing a top-hat, a derby and a fedora silhouetted in black-and-white on three masks which gaze out on the world with frigid urbanity (in one the eye is reduced to a monocle’s perfect circle)”, at least that is what his son Henri Mouron wrote about his father’s poster. Actually Cassandre designed not one, but two posters for the Sools hat company in the 1920s (the eye with the green hat is part of the other one). His poster designs were utilized to promote Ernest and Stetson hats in foreign markets. If you ever find an original consider yourself lucky, there are very rare and valuable!