The Grec is back! Provocative summer festival El Grec de Barcelona has it all

Known simply as ‘El Grec’ (the Greek, after its epicentre ‘Teatre Grec’) one of Barcelona’s major summer attractions the ‘El Grec Festival of Barcelona’ opens coming Sunday June, 30 with “Opus” by Circa. The superb setting of Teatre Grec’s Greek style amphitheatre makes a wonderful background for one of the best contemporary circus companies in the world. In “Opus” the power of Shostakovich’s music by chamber orchestra ‘Quatuor Debussy’ unleashes an intense, raw and passionate confrontation with the breath-taking acrobatic skills of 14 circus artists.


But “Opus” is just one of the many theatre, dance, music and circus performances in the month-long programme – the festival runs from 30 June-31 July – of this long-standing event, which will take place for the 37th time. A few of our favourites: the award-winning circus show and circus of the highest quality Popcorn Machine (A Domestic Apocalypse), Wasteland of Lluís Danés, the existing retrospective Yesterday of Jasmin Vardimon, the Brickman Brando Bubble Boom, all at Mercat de les Flors; Catalan pop rock band Ja t’ho dire; flamenco artist Diego El Cigala; or Grec Anima – L’ADN de l’ànima – see video below

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The El Grec Festival of Barcelona was born in 1976 on the slopes of ‘Teatre Grec’ in Montjuïc. Catalan architect Ramon Reventós used the natural conditions of a former stone quarry well when he built a theatre for the Universal Exposition in 1929. The stone terraced steppes of ‘Teatre Grec’ are still the epicentre of the festival, but the festival expanded into other venues like Mercat de les Flors, Palau de la Música, Fundació Joan Miró, the Caixa Forum and Teatre Lliure.

To widen its appeal present director of the festival Ramon Simó and his team added activities for professionals in the theatre world with the purpose to boost the Catalan theatre internationally. Another new initiative is a mini-festival for families called MiniGrec with 13 productions, including shows as “El petit Dalí” and “Perduts a la Viquipèdia”. And, the project 100 Femmes, 100 anonymous Barcelona women from different backgrounds build a collective story based on experiences from their individual lives.


“In times of uncertainty, culture is more necessary than ever” according to present director of the festival Ramon Simó, “culture must become an investment in life. The more theatre, the more dance, the more circus and the more music, the more life”. El Grec wants to be national and international, conventional and unconventional, amenable and provocative. Did he succeed? Take a look yourself and don’t hesitate to reserve at Retrome Barcelona to see it all from the front row.

You can purchase your online tickets on the El Grec 2013 website or in person at Tiquet Rambles, Palau de la Virreina, La Rambla, 99.

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